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How Fast is Satellite Internet with Hughesnet?

hughesnet internet speed comparison

Are you looking to upgrade from your slow dial-up Internet? With the HughesNet speeds test, you will see we are significantly faster; which will give you the power to increase your productivity, download large files and have a better overall online experience. For an internet speed comparison of HughesNet's speeds vs. dial-up download speeds, see the table below.

Speeding Past Your Old DSL and Dial-Up Connection

It is easy to see that HughesNet speed using a HughesNet modem is significantly faster than a standard 56K dial-up connection which will lead to a much more rewarding online experience. To see what plan is right for you, check the table which highlights the maximum HughesNet speed offered in each service plan. View Plans Got a minute? Imagine how much more you can do in one minute with HughesNet Gen4 compared to before. Do more in less time. With the new download speeds you get with HughesNet Gen4 you can do things you could only dream of before - stream videos and music, share hundreds of photos, video chat, advanced gaming, and more. With HughesNet Gen4 you can stay in better touch with friends and family.
HughesNet Specials

How Fast is Satellite Internet really? And How About The Limitations of Satellite Internet

Though HughesNet is a great way to increase Internet speeds both for downloading and uploading, it is not the right solution for everyone. Business or individuals who need to use the Internet for sub-second time-sensitive projects are not advised to use satellite internet. When browsing the web under normal circumstances, the sub-second delay which occurs when using satellite Internet cannot be perceived. This latency does affect time-sensitive applications which include but are not limited to:

  • * Online gaming applications which occur in real-time. Real-time games are especially effected.
  • * Conferencing and collaboration applications which occur in real-time such as video conferencing, NetMeeting and Skype.
  • * Internet phone services, otherwise known as Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP.
  • * Online day trading, which refers to trading stocks, currencies or other financial instruments before the market is closed for the day.

You will also experience limitations if you wish to use HughesNet to connect to a VPN or Virtual Private Network. It is possible to use HughesNet for this purpose, whoever your speed may be reduced to somewhere between half and a quarter of what it usually is while your VPN session is in use. Once you end the session, your HughesNet speeds will be restored to what their previous state.


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